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On BAR RESCUE, Jon Taffer, one of the country's top restaurant and bar consultants, gives failing establishments one last chance to succeed. Using his "in-your-face" style along with his renowned method of management called "Taffer Dynamics", Jon will not only transform run down bars into a vibrant, profitable establishments but he'll also transform the staff into a well oiled machine.


SAMPLED - Featuring artists Arlo Parks, Bas, GoldLink, Marc Rebillet, NGHTMRE and Tinashe, SAMPLED presents a visceral exploration of international cities from the viewpoint of traveling musicians on world tours, exploring Berlin, Monterrey, Amsterdam, London, Medellin and Tokyo. Exclusive, raw and unfiltered sides to these cities will be seen through the eyes of the musicians, as they are guided by local artisans, creatives and experts.


COME DANCE WITH ME is a new competition series that features talented young dancers from across the country, who will invite one inspirational, and untrained parent - who has supported their dance dreams - to become their dance partner for a chance to strut their stuff for a grand prize. 


TAMPA BAES - The young lesbian “it-crowd” navigating and celebrating life in Tampa Bay – Florida’s LGBTQ+ hub and the place to see and be seen. Always ready for an adventure or a good party, this group of loyal friends – and sometimes more than friends – is ambitious and unapologetic while constantly battling stereotypes and labels. With all eyes on these fun-loving women at this pivotal moment in their personal and professional lives, there’s not a challenge or hot-button issue they won’t tackle, even if it means getting real with one another.


CALLE Y POCHE: SIN ETIQUETAS - At the peak of their successful careers as the largest content creators in Latin America, Calle y Poche return to Colombia to reunite with their families, their close knit group of friends, and confront the challenges of their romantic relationship and their individual career ambitions. 


Thrill-seeking investors Shawn JohnsonDhani Jones and Jeremy Bloom travel the country to test products in extreme conditions and potentially offer investments. In each one-hour episode, four separate entrepreneurs showcase products designed for outdoor adventure. The ADVENTURE CAPITALISTS put these innovations to the test, in harsh conditions, to determine which are worthy of an investment.


By any standard, wide receiver TERRELL OWENS is a superstar. His explosive speed and superb physical conditioning have undoubtably secured him a spot in the Football Hall of Fame.  But this off-season Terrell Owens faces his biggest challenge and ultimately finds himself at a personal and professional crossroads.  


MAC MILLER & THE MOST DOPE FAMILY follows musician Mac Miller as he takes on his new superstar status and trades in his hometown Pittsburgh for the sun-and-celeb-filled world of Los Angeles. This season, Mac finds himself busting beyond LA, traveling the globe with his five closest friends as he embarks on an insane, worldwide tour spanning from Dublin to Paris and beyond.


SELLING DUBAI - This luxury real estate series follows the diverse, female-led team of Maria Morris Real Estate as they face the dog-eat-dog work of buying and selling properties in Dubai. Having recently left her 7-year tenure, as head of residential sales in the Middle East, at one of the largest firms in the world, Maria is putting everything on the line by starting her own brokerage. 


DEADLY CULTS is a true crime documentary series that explores unhinged murder cases where investigators uncover and expose the dark world of cults that kill. From a self-proclaimed prophet convincing his followers to murder an innocent family to a vampire coven searching for their next sacrifice, the series shows how power and manipulation can lead to murder.


KINGIN' WITH TYGA follows the rap superstar as he continues to build his hip-hop empire, tour the world and flex his spending power in the most lavish ways imaginable. From buying a live jaguar as a guard dog to building an indoor monster truck course for his 3 year old to outfitting his mansion with a fast food restaurant, there's nothing Tyga and his crew can't do.


MEET THE SMITHS follows the daily life of former NBA star and current NBA analyst, Kenny "the Jet" Smith. With five kids, a gorgeous wife and a successful career, it’s safe to say Kenny is the ‘Coolest Dad on Earth’...UNLESS you talk to his kids. While he may be loved by millions, when it comes to impressing his 5 children, Kenny might as well be a rookie.


PEAK SEASON offers a unique glimpse beneath the sparkling surface of Whistler, BC, to reveal the real-life drama that unfolds amid the breathtaking scenery. Featuring a diverse and dynamic cast, the series delivers a potent blend of drama, action, romance and comedy, as a group of twenty somethings follow their hearts, chase their dreams and try to find their place in life.


I WAS A TEENAGE FELON is a true crime documentary series that uncovers some of the most outrageous and brazen stories of youthful ambition gone awry. Revealing how seemingly-average American kids turned themselves into smugglers, dealers, scammers, hackers, and thieves.


Ever owned a cat that would be perfect starring in the feline version of "Psycho"? You know, a pet that wreaks havoc on a household to the point of breaking up relationships, or one whose violent actions sends its owners to the hospital? On MY CAT FROM HELL, cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy deals with these issues every day, and in this series he lends his expertise to desperate families hoping to rehabilitate their furry companions.


Across America, there are thousands of older homes that look like the perfect dream house on the outside, but are practically unlivable on the inside. These beautiful vintage homes hide dark secrets from dry rot, to weak foundations, to cramped design or even termite infestations. In DOWNTOWN SHABBY, renovation and design experts, Frank and Sherry Fontana, will take these homes and renovate, remodel and ultimately revive them into modern masterpieces.


In FINAL OFFER, four of the country's shrewdest and most successful dealers battle it out to buy some of the nation's most desired items. But this isn't your typical bidding war.  These dealers will be shelling out their own money for these rare high ticket items.  Real money. Intense negotiations. High stakes.  Final Offer.


TERRA'S LITTE FAMILY documents the life of Terra and Joe Gnoffo, as they deal with the stress of being new parents, the hope of expanding their family and the neverending compromise of marriage.  All while trying to navigating their way through the everyday stuggles of being little people.  


For three decades Kirstie Alley has been making headlines and staying in the forefront of the American conscience. KIRSTIE ALLEY'S BIG LIFE chronicles the extraordinary life of the Golden Globe and two-time Emmy winner on her journey to launch a weight loss program and her life as a single mother trying to raise two normal teenagers in the Hollywood spotlight.


BORN READY is a documentary that follows NBA star, Lance Stephenson, on and off the court during his junior year at Lincoln High School, in Coney Island.  With the support of his close knit family, Lance navigates his way through school, young love, the pitfalls of his tough neighborhood and the pressure of being crowned NYC's next great basketball phenom.


THE BOURNE SESSIONS is a concert special that launched the release of the Bourne Conspiracy video game, scored by Paul Oakenfold.  Filmed at club Mansion in Miami, this 90 minute concert features all of Oakenfold's greatest hits as well as a guest perfomance by Cee-Lo Green to perform their hit single "Falling".  


JUMP CITY: SEATTLE is the first American championship parkour competition. Over the course of 8 heartpounding weeks, four elite teams will battle it out on the gritty street of Seattle.  Using the cities gritty back alleys and treacherous rooftops as their battleground, only one team will rise to the top and be crowned America's Parkour Champion.  


CARESS BODYWASH COMMERCIAL featuring Nicole Scherzinger.  This commercial aired during the season finale of American Idol on FOX.  There is also a full length music video version that ran on MTV & VH1.


HOW IT'S DESTROYED is an informational web series that breaks down the science behind how objects are destroyed. Hosted by space engineer & comedian, Aaron Rice, How It's Destroyed tackles everything from satellites to evidence!


Jay Z and Linkin Park team up for the premiere episode of MTV'S ULTIMATE MASH UPS, a live concert series that challenges artists to "mash up" their songs and perform them live.  


Riff Raff, aka The Neon Icon, has emerged as a rapper too unique to be defined and too bright to be ignored. His irreverent style, exclusive lingo, and online super-presence have landed him an audience of millions and made him one of the most mysterious personalities on earth. But being Riff Raff isn't just neon rainbows. This is no ordinary dream…this is RIFF RAFF'S NEON NIGHTMARE.

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